Respect Big Day

On October 27, 2016 JAIS will be wrapping up the month of our first VALUE RESPECT. It has been a month filed with too many activities and discussions about Respect. On our “RESPECT BIG DAY”, Thursday October 27 the school will be organizing a fun day filled with various activities, some of which are:

Each class will be singing the Respect songs taught during the month

Some of the classes will be performing short play acts about Respect

Every class will be planting some plants provided by the school to show respect to r our environment and to take care of later on , as per our School’s second value Responsibility. Kindly send your child on that day wearing farmer’s clothes (if available) or any related accessories (e.g. Hat, Gloves, Boots, Rake, Shovel, and Watering Can, if possible.) Best Regards, Zeina Reslan School Principal