Please read carefully, and sign below to acknowledge your full understanding and compliance by the policy:

1.The guardian must accompany and pick-up the student (s) to/from the designated point at the set time for bus arrival. Any delay or tardiness of the student will require that the guardian accompanies the student directly to school, without any responsibility from the driver or the school.

2.The school will be responsible of dropping the student(s) to the address listed on the map provided by parents, from the school’s gate to the building’s external gate. The guardian should be waiting to receive the child. Kindly note that the bus aide is not allowed to accompany any child to the door of his/ her house. Any delay in picking your child up, will result in keeping him in the bus to be dropped last.

3.Any recurrence in delay (dropping in or picking up) may unfortunately result in cancelling the bus service for the student. As this would affect the time schedule of other bus students.

4. Students must maintain the cleanliness and preserve the condition of the bus and the seats. Any violation of this will result in cost repairs payment by the guardian, as determined by the school.

5. It is strictly forbidden to eat inside the school bus in order to maintain the cleanliness of the bus and not to tamper with the water.

6. Students must maintain order and refrain from playing, or moving from one place to another on the ride. Sharp objects including pens and scissors are strictly forbidden in order to maintain the safety of the students on the bus.

7. Students must abide by general rules of ethics and manners inside the bus, for example: Respect for colleagues and beatings, verbal abuse or use inappropriate words.

8. Guardians are not allowed to go on board of the bus and address any student or school employee under any circumstance. Any complaint or remark shall be reported directly to the school’s administration.

9. Requests to accompany friends to their home addresses will not be considered.

10. It is strictly forbidden to contact the bus driver on duty.  For any observation or complaint, guardian can directly contact the school’s administration or the bus aide.

11. In the event of bus delay of more than 45 minutes, guardians can contact the driver.

12. In the event of absence, guardians can contact the bus driver (before 6:00 a.m.) or the bus aide and the administration.

13. The guardian must inform the school’s administration in the event of change in the residential address a week prior to the scheduled date to check the possibility of providing a bus alternative, if any. The school’s administration has the right to refuse the enrollment of a student in the event of lack of space or service for the region the student is moving to.

14. It is expected to change course or access or assembly in case new students are added on the bus.

15. The bus ride will be as follows:

a. In the morning, pick-up shall be from the furthest location to the closest one to school.

b. In the afternoon, drop-off shall be from the closest location to the furthest one from school.


The school bus might be late in dropping or picking up the child for a period of 15 minutes or more depending on the traffic.

16. The school bus service is on a first come first served basis due to limited places. Enrollment will not be considered final until a final confirmation from the personnel in charge of school bus service is received.

17. The school administration has the right to cancel the bus service in the event of non-compliance with any of the rules listed above.

18. The bus service becomes effective upon signature of the Bus Rules and Regulations.



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