Welcome to Jesser Al Taleem International School!

Co-operation between parents and school is most important for each pupil’s well-being, and reliance is placed upon this co-operation in both academic and behavioral matters.

Home and school are seen as an integral partnership working towards the educational benefit and social development of the student, and parents are encouraged to keep in close touch with the School. This agreement describes the rules and regulations we have adopted to ensure the smooth operation of the school and provides tips on how to maximize the experience of your child at JAIS.

Parents are kindly asked to read and note each of the following:

The school expects all parents to cooperate, follow and support all school regulations and policies concerning the following:


To gain the maximum benefit from school it is important that the student attends regularly and punctually.  All absences must be explained either by letter or a telephone call from the parent. School will contact the parent on the first day of any unexplained absence.  Unexplained absences may also be followed up by a letter from school .School is required to keep exact records of all absences and your co-operation will be needed in this matter.

The school day starts 7:45 a.m. and ends at 1:45 p.m.

There will be no school supervision for students who stay after 2:00.

In case of frequent morning arrival or early departure, parents will be notified in a written form.

We are sorry to inform you that the school is not responsible for repeating/ explaining any missing work due to this non-commitment with times (in & out). School is not responsible for any forgotten books, weekly plans, memos or any other work done if the student leaves the school early. (before 1:45)


School will communicate with parents regarding reason of absence.

Student will be provided with Absence slip form to be filled & signed by parent to explain the reason of absence.  Slip has to be returned back to school.

A medical report has to be provided in case of absence for medical reasons.

Ensure that children suffering from contagious diseases like chicken pox, measles, head lice and infectious diseases such as flu do not attend class or the examination till the quarantine period is over.  When they resume school, a health report from the doctor should be sent. All missing lessons and exams will be repeated for absent student, in this case.

In case  a student is absent for more than  two weeks at the beginning of the academic school year, student’s registration will be cancelled and no refund for any paid fees of any kind will take place.

In case of sudden absence of a student for 45 days or more ( combined or separate) without notifying the school, as per Ministry of Education, the student will be considered suspended from enrollment and his/her file will be transmitted to Ministry of Education.

In case of absence with no valid reason (medical or other), no explanation of lessons or re-sit of tests will be repeated and this would affect the student’s progress report.


Starting from our mission (CCC) creating creative, caring & confident students and in reinforcement of our 5 values (Respect, Responsibility, Kindness, Honesty & courage) whichwe fully implementthroughout the academic year to minimize unacceptable behaviors, we emphasize on building good citizens by:

a- Activating the role of the social worker and teachers to the fullest. They both verbally & professionally discuss the undesired behavior with the student.

b- The social worker will be acknowledged of the case and will deal with it in confidentiality.

c- In case of recurrent undesired behaviors, parents will be notifies and all suitable measures convenient with the age group will be taken as per the behavioral code of conduct approved by Ministry of education.



Starting from our mission (CCC), if recurrent low academic performance is detected, school is keen to improve the level of all her students within its capabilities. This can be accomplished with the help of the parents. The following procedure will take place:

In case the student didn’t understand any explained idea, please write for the teacher in the communication book, and she will re-explain.

Follow up on student’s weekly plan, homework, dictation preparation, tests preparations, memos, emails, and participation in curricular and extra-curricular activities.

It is the teacher’s duty to explain the lessons, and she is not required to help any student in solving the homework or prepare for any quizzes or tests of any kind.( role of parents)

Report cards are distributed twice a year.( one in each term)

In case the student neglects his duties, parents will be notifies.

An intervention plan might take place to improve student’s skills. This will happen in cooperation among teacher, parent and principal.

In case no improvement take place, a student might fail the year and consequently not promoted to the next level, or not re-registered in school in the upcoming year.

In case any learning difficulties were observed, the school has the full right to ask the parents to provide the school with a psychiatrist / specialist report to explain any case. Parents have to abide by the deadline the school sets to submit the report, otherwise the school is no more accountable for the student’s academic performance.


1. Make the needed arrangements to meet with teachers.

2. Attend parent-teacher conferences.

3. Attend meetings pre-arranged by the school administration.

4. Presents for teachers are NOT allowed except for flowers and cards.

5. Communicate and cooperate with the school administration and faculty.

6. Communication can take place through: landline, mobile, WhatsApp, emails, or communication book.


1. Fulfill all official requests by the administration, if NOT student registration is considered cancelled.

2. Always pay the fieldtrip fees on time to avoid embarrassment to the child.

3. Report your intent to continue with the school in due time as per school regulations (two months before the end of the school year).

4. Maintaining the school discipline policies and school premise and properties.

5. Abide by the school uniform in all grades. 

6. Keep a clean and tidy appearance. 

7. As per Ministry regulations, mothers are not allowed to roam in school or enter the classes of their children without a permission.

8. No electronic devices are allowed to school. In case a student does, the device will be confiscated and handed to parents upon signing a letter. The school has the right no keep the device if the need arises.

9. No student will be allowed to leave with another student after school hours, unless in emergency cases wherein the parents called the school and have sent a letter. All students are dismissed as per the pick-up card policy.

6. Financial

1. Meet the school financial requirements and timetable concerning tuition and fees payment.

2. Deposit the amount requested by the school administration as RESERVATION FEE.

3. Tuition fees are payable before the beginning of each term and NON-REFUNDABLE at any time. 

4. Registration, reservation fees, school fees and any other payment, are NON-REFUNDABLE at any time.  In case a student withdraws from school at any time and for any reason during the school year, and has paid school tuition fee, books, activities, uniform, etc., parents are not entitled to any refund, or any payment and fees are non-refundable in all cases and shall pay the school fees in full.

5. If the parent are late or fails in settling the due fees, the school maintains the right to:

a. Hold or refuse to issue report cards or student’s recommendations.

b. The student’s name will be automatically struck off the rolls.

6.  No responsibility falls on the school in case parents recurrently fail to abide by the financial terms and timetable of the school.

7. Pay the cost of damages (if any) caused by the student.

 I agree and approve of the above-mentioned terms and requirements .




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